You can now listen to our Fort Worth ham radio SDRs live online.  You can freely tune between 24.000 MHz and 1.799 GHz.  This system is located in western Tarrant county at around a 40ft elevation.  It utilizes the Tram 1410 Super Discone base antenna and can typically “hear” repeaters located in the following areas:

  • Tarrant County (and areas around Fort Worth, TX) [Map]
  • Parker County (and areas around Weatherford, TX) [Map]
  • Hood County (and areas around Granbury, TX) [Map]
  • Johnson County (and areas around Cleburne, TX) [Map]
  • Ellis County (and areas around Waxahachie, TX) [Map]
  • Dallas County (and areas around Dallas, TX) [Map]
  • Denton County (and areas around Denton, TX) [Map]
  • Wise County (and areas around Decatur, TX) [Map]

! The SDRs are available to listen to only on U.S. IP addresses !

This system has an FM block filter installed, but you can still hear the really strong FM radio stations, at least they are at the right frequencies though and not bleeding through to the other bands!  The D/FW area has some mighty powerful FM broadcasters.

  • Almost all 2m frequencies are NFM (Narrow FM).
  • Popular local 2m repeater frequencies:
145.110MHz Fort Worth 146.860MHz Arlington
145.330MHz Fort Worth 146.880MHz Dallas
145.370MHz N Richland Hills 146.900MHz Weatherford
145.490MHz Cleburne 146.920MHz Denton
145.720MHz 146.940MHz Fort Worth
146.580MHz Fort Worth 147.040MHz Weatherford
146.700MHz Dallas 147.100MHz Hurst
146.720MHz Irving 147.120MHz Richardson
146.760MHz Fort Worth 147.280MHz Fort Worth
146.840MHz Fort Worth 147.420MHz
  • FM broadcasts between 88.7 and 107.9MHz WFM (wide FM)
  • CB Radio broadcasts between 26.965 and 27.405MHz AM (amplitude modulation)
  • D/FW Airport between 124.000MHz and 128.000MHz AM (amplitude modulation)
  • Want to know more about allocated frequencies?  A full 2m/70cm and CB frequency list are outlined in [this article] on Ham Encounters.

Ham Encounters On SDR Sharp
Listen Live

Ham Encounters SDR Servers

  • Server 1 – sdr://
  • Server 2 – sdr://

NOTE: Each of these servers can accommodate (2) users at the same time.  When more than one user is connected to a single SDR server, you may only be able to tune a small area of the frequency panel, versus the full spectrum.  If this happens, it’s by design (or… software limitation) – simply try to connect to another one of the SDR server(s) or wait a little while for the other user to log off.

A Quick How-To

  • Get the SDR# software from or click [here] to automatically download the latest version
  • Install the software, when it opens, it will look close to the above image on this page
  • Click the 3 bars in the upper left corner and choose ‘source’
  • In the dropdown, choose ‘Airspy Server Network’
  • Enter one of our server addresses listed above to connect & listen (include the entire bolded address)
  • You can navigate the spectrum to your desired frequency
  • (A more detailed info on this process coming later)

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